The first week with your newborn home is bliss. By week two, you are probably turning into a sleep deprived zombie. When week three rolls around, you may be tempted to sit down on the floor and cry right along with baby (especially if it is two in the morning).

When your little one is crying inconsolably and you feel as if you are coming apart at the seams, be encouraged. There are answers! We have the top tips for calming baby. Which soothing secrets made the cut? Review our list to find out!

  1. Magic of Motion: A drive in the car can do wonders for a cranky baby. If you don’t want to get in the car, try putting your infant in a backpack/or tummy pack . The motion will lull your screamer right to sleep.
  2. Voice Your Feelings: Go ahead and talk to your infant. Just the familiarity of our voice will calm and soothe. If you like to sing, go ahead and sing, but it is not necessary. Your baby wants reassurance that you are there.
  3. Suck to Soothe: This reflex is relaxing and consoling to your little one. If they have already eaten, try a pacifier. Some parents don’t believe in using pacifiers. However, they might start sucking their thumb. You can’t throw that away, when they get older and thumb sucking can deform the upper palate of the mouth. I should know! My daughter had almost ten thousand dollars’ worth of orthodontic services, due to excessive thumb sucking.
  4. Background Noise: It’s OK to run the vacuum or put on an overhead fan. Many times, new parents try so hard to keep the house quiet, that any little noise will wake baby up. A hum of activity and background noise can be settling to a newborn. They were used to the constant gurgle of their birth mother’s digestive system and the drum of her heartbeat. A quiet house could be more distressing than calming to a tiny baby.
  5. A Warm Tub: When you have checked the diaper, fed and tried all the tips above, a warm bath might just do the trick. A bath provides a change of scenery. The warm water is comforting. The sound of running water is calming. Afterwards, wrap your infant in a soft , fluffy towel.

If you have any others good tips for soothing baby, let us know.

by A. Olsen

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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