Last week on our blog, we wrote about the third step to take for a success in adoption: interview adoption professionals prior to paying any fees.

Today, we’re sharing with you the fourth step to a successfully adoption: research the home study requirements in your state. An adoption home study is performed by a licensed social worker who will interview you. They then will prepare a report of your family, your lifestyle, and inspection of where you will raise your child.

In order to best prepare, know that you must meet certain qualifications to pass a home study:

  • You will need to prove you can financially provide a safe environment.
  • You must be in good health.
  • You need to be free from certain criminal convictions.

Many adopting couples get nervous about the adoption home study, but keep this in mind: it will help you become better educated and prepared to adopt. You can learn more about what the adoption home study entails here: https://lifetimeadoption.com/adoptive-families/adoption-home-study/

Please call Lifetime Adoption Center if you have questions regarding the home study, or adoption in general: (530) 271-1740.

Next week, we will share the final step recommended towards your successful adoption!

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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