parents look at their happy infantWhen the time finally arrives that you can take home your precious newborn, you might be nervous about what to do. Here are some tips:

On the first day home

Spend some quiet time adoring your new baby, just the two of you. Avoid inviting friends and family over today; you need time to bond with your adorable child. Study his toes, fingers, and eyelashes. Take note of his small delicate fingernails and how firm and round his little tummy is. Hold him, cuddle him, and let the moment sink in: you’re a parent! Remember to take videos and lots of photos.

For the first week home

Family members and friends will be excited to come see your precious new baby. Make sure to request that all visitors wash their hands before holding your baby. If you don’t feel comfortable asking people to wash their hands, you could hang sign by your front door. It could say something like: “Please keep our little Chloe healthy by washing your hands before holding her. Thank you!”

Your friends and family are going to be so thrilled that you’ve adopted, and will want to discuss and talk about the whole experience. But you’ll be tired and needing rest, so have a close friend or family member remind guests when it is time to leave. Once things are calming down, having guests make a quick exit will leave you time for a rest.

The first month home

People will be asking you all the time if there is anything they can do to help out. Accept their offers! Sometimes it’s difficult to let others help us. But when you have a new baby home, it can really help to take advantage of your friends and family’s offers of help. Here are some tasks that people could help you with:

  • Dishes – let your friend load the dishwasher; it will make her feel useful and save you time. This is a great task for husbands too; if he asks what he can help with, give him something to do! He wants to feel useful and may be unsure of the best ways to help out right now.
  • Dinner – Everyone from your church to work is going to be asking if they can help you with anything. Suggest they make a dinner dish. The word will spread fast and you might end up with dinner for the month in your freezer!
  • Laundry—dirty clothes pile up quickly with a newborn, and so having a family member or friend do a load or two of laundry will really help!
  • Childcare – If you have other children and another parent offers to take them or drop them off at school, it’s a great chance for you to save energy. You can always make it up to them when your schedule gets more normal again.

Enjoy this special bonding time with your newly adopted baby, and share it with others. The memories will be worth everything to you and your baby for a lifetime.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption

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