Open adoption has changed the way women see options when facing unplanned pregnancy. If she isn’t ready or able to provide for her child, adoption can become a positive solution for her and her baby.

Today, some women face outdated myths and fears when it comes to adoption. At Lifetime Adoption, we understand. Our goal is to help her learn the truth about adoption so that she can have the freedom to decide if it’s the best fit for her and her baby.

Let’s address some of the common thoughts women might share regarding an unplanned pregnancy

She thinks: I can’t tell my family.

The truth is: You can make a confidential adoption plan and hide your pregnancy, if needed. Only the adoption professionals you trust, the adoptive family you choose, and the loved ones you include will know about your pregnancy and your plans. Your privacy is important and there is help for any situation.

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She thinks: I’m not sure I could handle wondering about my baby the rest of my life.

The truth is: With an open adoption, you can choose an adoptive family who will keep in touch with you through pictures, letters, email, websites, phone, text, or even visits. You can get to know them before the adoption too. Many open adoptions feel like extended family over time. Your baby can know who you are and how you provided her a life through your loving choice of adoption.

She thinks: If I have faith, God will provide a way for me to raise my baby on my own.

The truth is: There are many times when a woman facing unplanned pregnancy receives confusing advice from her church, family, or pastor. Sometimes God’s solution may not be for a mother to parent her child directly at this time in her life. Adoption is one way God may lead a woman to plan for her child’s needs and future. Adoption is a loving choice, a choice of faith, hope, and redemption.

She thinks: I’d never forgive myself.

The truth is: Women who make informed decisions do find healing and hope. Through adoption there is FREE counseling available, before, during, or after choosing adoption. She can even talk with other birth mothers for their experience and support. With open adoption, a woman can find peace knowing how her child is doing and seeing the family she helped to create. There are even scholarships and resources to help women achieve their personal goals after adoption. It’s one way she can provide a future for her child and create a positive future of her own.

If you’re facing unplanned pregnancy, take a step to learn about open adoption: call Lifetime Adoption at 1-800-923-6784 or send us an email.

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