Hi Lifetime family! We have been cleared for “take off” for about seven months now. My husband and I expected to receive at least three or four calls from birth moms by now. Don’t they want to find out more before moving ahead? Is it normal not to speak to any birth moms until “the one”?
Sandy from California


Dear Sandy,

It is normal for that first phone call to result in a match. Most birth mothers have spent many hours narrowing down their wants and desires for their baby. They have reviewed countless profiles and spoke with their coordinators to clarify any confusion or questions they might have. By the time they call you, they have pretty much made their decision. Now, this is the typical situation.

There are birth mothers that wish to speak with multiple families before deciding. Some choose to wait until they are in the hospital, after the baby is born. When you receive a call from a birth mom, the chances are good that she is in the process of confirming her first choice. It can be emotional for all parties involved, so try to hold off on celebrating until your baby is home and your birth mom has signed paperwork, confirming her desire for you as adoptive parents. In the meantime, stay positive and excited! There is a baby out there for you and a birth mom thinking about her wishes.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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