adoptive_breastfeeding.jpgAre you interested in learning more about breastfeeding the baby you will adopt? Adoption author and Founder of Lifetime, Mardie Caldwell, has written a book that’s a resource for adoptive parents who want to know more about bonding through breastfeeding your adoptive baby. And right now, we’re offering FREE Priority Shipping with a coupon code! Read on to learn more…

In her Guide to Adoptive Breastfeeding, Mardie shares interviews with experts and adoptive parents, as well as tips and direction for anyone hoping to nurse after adoption. Mardie speaks first-hand about this topic, as she was able to successfully adoptive breastfeed her son. She shares, “Dedication is important when you are thinking about nursing your adopted baby, especially if you have never nursed a child before. This was my situation. I had been pregnant, but never carried a child to term. In fact, I’ve had seven miscarriages in all. Once I learned that adoptive breastfeeding was possible, I learned all I could. I felt that even if my body wasn’t working to complete a pregnancy, at least I could experience this wonderful bond with my child, whenever he or she came!”

Even though your adopted child won’t be born of your body, you can still form a strong bond through nursing. Info on adoptive breastfeeding can be hard to find, so we wanted to be sure that all adoptive moms know that it is possible, and that you can be successful! The tips and techniques shared in Guide to Adoptive Breastfeeding will help you develop a plan as you prepare to welcome your baby home. Make a commitment today to take every opportunity you can to bond with your child — it is a commitment you will never regret.

book-cover.pngIn Guide to Adoptive Breastfeeding, you’ll find audio interviews with lactation consultants and adoptive moms, so you’ll have the help and support you need available 24 hours a day. This means that anytime you need reassurance, it is there for you.

Right now, this new guide is available at an introductory price and you will get FREE Priority Shipping when you enter the code BONDING at checkout. Visit GuideToAdoptiveBreastfeeding.com to learn more or order!

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