Why Adopt? 12 Reasons to Adopt a Baby

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Adoptive Families Blog

domestic-infantThe decision to adopt a baby is a very personal one to make. Why do couples turn to adoption to expand their family? It’s not possible to say there’s one reason why people adopt since every family is different. Each couple will seek an infant adoption for their own reasons.

Many wonder what some of these reasons to adopt a baby are. Join Lifetime Adoption as we share 12 common reasons to adopt a baby!

1. Infertility

One of the most common reasons why couples choose adoption is because they cannot have a child biologically. In many cases, they have tried to conceive and struggled through multiple failed infertility treatments. As a result, they turn to adoption to become parents.

2. Called to Adopt

Why adopt? Many Christian couples see the need to step forward in faith and choose to form their family through the miracle of adoption. Adoption is not only about building a family but is also building the family of Christ. Just as we are adopted into God’s family, so, too, are these couples called as Christians to help children.

3. Provide a Loving Home to a Child

Hopeful adoptive parents often recognize that many children don’t have the loving, safe, and supportive environments they need at home. With the knowledge that they can provide the family that a child needs, these couples decide to adopt.

4. More Potential for Success Than Infertility Treatments

When couples facing fertility issues consider what options they have for building their family, they often look at which one has the most potential for success in bringing home the baby they have longed for. They might pursue adoption because of this. Why? With adoption, these couples realize they’ll be parents at the end of the process. Infertility treatments simply don’t provide that guarantee.

5. Medical Conditions

Some women are facing a medical condition that makes it dangerous to carry a pregnancy. Whether it’s a condition she developed during a previous pregnancy or one that she’s been aware of since she was young, these conditions could endanger her life. Adoption is a positive way for her to become a mother.

greg-bethany-fam6. Becoming Parents More Important Than Becoming Pregnant

This is a common thought for hopeful adoptive parents, especially those who have been struggling with infertility issues. They come to realize that their desire isn’t to experience pregnancy but to become parents. Adoption allows them to fulfill their longing to add a child to their family.

7. Avoid Passing on Genetic Disorders or Diseases

In some cases, a couple may be able to have a healthy pregnancy, but are worried about their baby being born with genetic diseases. For those with a disorder or condition in which there is a high risk of passing it on to their child, they choose to adopt.

8. Single and Want To Be a Parent

Sometimes, a person is ready to become a parent but doesn’t have a partner to start a family with. So, they may decide that adoption is the right way for them to become a parent. Instead of going through fertility treatments, they determine that adoption will provide them the opportunity to parent. Family is so much more than biology — family is love.

9. Support a Child Without a Permanent Family

There are thousands of children in foster care in America, and some of them are eligible to be adopted. These children have typically lived a traumatic life and need supportive, loving parents who can provide them with a permanent home. These children’s situations so move some couples that they decide to adopt from foster care.

10. Give Opportunities to a child in another country

UNICEF estimates that there are 15 million children across the world waiting for a family through adoption. Since this need is so massive, some families respond through international adoption. When couples adopt internationally, they provide a child with the opportunity to thrive. If you’re interested in international adoption, make sure to research which countries are still allowing adoptions, as well as expected costs and average wait times.

11. Connection to Adoption

Adoption is more common than many think, and so most people know someone who has adopted or is an adoptee. One reason couples adopt is that they know others who were adopted or who have adopted a child, and they see it as a positive way to grow a family. As they see the beauty of a family created this way, hopeful parents are inspired to seek adoption.

12. Adoptees Who Wish to “Pay it Forward”

It’s not uncommon for those who were adopted to go on and adopt their own child. They realize the opportunity that adoption can provide and decide to give a child the same positive experience that they had. This is done with the personal insight that there is no difference between a biological and adoptive parent’s love.

These were just a few of the reasons that people articulate for choosing adoption to build their family. Just as every couple’s situation is different, so are their reasons for adopting.

If you’re considering infant adoption and whether it’s right for you, we encourage you to contact us at Lifetime Adoption. We’re happy to help you move forward with the adoption process when you’re ready. To learn more, please call us at 1-800-923-6784.


Heidi Keefer

Written by Heidi Keefer

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