5 Fun Facts About Adoptive Couple Matt and Nikki

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Birth Parent Blog

Hopeful adoptive parents Matt and Nikki with their daughterI recently had the opportunity to interview hopeful adoptive parents Matt and Nikki from Oregon.
Expectant mothers have the opportunity to speak with waiting families before they make their decision, but sometimes it’s nice to just get a little more info to understand who they are.
I asked them some fun questions that you won’t find in their adoption profile, and I learned that they are a wonderful couple who are so excited to expand their family through adoption!

1. Is adoption already a part of your family?

Yes, and on both sides of our family. Nikki’s grandparents had two girls and then adopted Nikki’s uncle when he was a baby. Matthew’s aunt adopted two of his cousins as babies as well. Both Nikki’s grandparents and Matthew’s aunt have been supportive of our adoption journey. Along with the rest of our family, they are all excited about our new addition.
Matt and Nikki cheering on the Oregon Ducks

2. What is your favorite sport to watch or play?

Our favorite sport to watch is college football. Out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we have multiple teams to watch, but we stick to the Oregon Ducks. Matthew has been a Duck fan since moving to Oregon as a child. He and his dad were season ticket holders for many years. Now we all love riding our bikes as a family to the games along the Willamette River. Nothing is better than cheering for the Ducks as a family!

3. What is your favorite holiday?

Our favorite holiday has always been Christmas. We love decorating the inside and outside of the house together. We also enjoy having Christmas parties with our friends and family.
Every year we have a tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree with Matthew’s parents. After we cut down the tree, we crank up the Christmas music, sip on some hot chocolate and decorate the tree.
Each year we buy each other a special ornament, something meaningful to that year, or just a favorite character. It’s always fun seeing all the ones from previous years. Emma has a very mischievous elf named Elijah (her “Elf on the Shelf”) who visits every December.
On Christmas Eve, Emma has one special gift she gets to open. The gift includes PJs, popcorn, and a new Christmas movie to sit down as a family and watch.

4. What is your favorite TV show or series?

Our favorite TV show is the American version of The Office; we’ve seen it from start to finish at least four times. The witty banter and the cringe-worthy awkward moments make for an enjoyable 30 minutes. We were very sad to see the show come to an end, but we’ve moved on and found other great shows.
Our current favorites include Schitt’s creek, Goldbergs, and Bob’s Burgers. As a family, we will watch America’s Funniest Videos and America’s Got Talent together.
Matt and Nikki on a camping trip with their daughter

5. What’s your ideal family vacation?

Going to Disneyland as a family has always been our dream. Last year we were all set up to go as a surprise birthday gift for Emma. We had tickets purchased, hotel reserved, and spending money set aside.
But unfortunately, COVID hit and postponed our dream for a bit. Luckily for us, we stayed healthy and were able to get our money back and put it away into savings. Maybe it was God’s way of telling us to wait for our new addition so that we can experience this together as a family of four.

Curious to know more about Matt and Nikki? You can check out their adoptive family profile online.

If you’re interested in talking to them as potential adoptive parents to your baby, just text or call Lifetime at
and we can connect you with them.



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