pregnant woman sleepingPregnancy sleeplessness is a pain in the neck! It seems that the many symptoms of pregnancy such as heartburn and leg cramps can also equal insomnia.

Here are 7 tips to help you get some sleep:

1. Get a pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillow allows you to sleep in a better position for pregnancy (on the side), so it’ll help you get some quality sleep. A pregnancy pillow can also ease the symptoms of lower back pain, restless leg syndrome, or sciatica by resting the pillow between the knees. It allows you to get the weight off your growing belly and to have a better sleeping posture.

You can find a pregnancy pillow at your local Wal-Mart or Target affordably. Or, you might prop yourself up with some longer pillows or try this DIY pregnancy pillow project if you know how to sew!

2. Try aromatherapy

Lavender is a wonderful aroma to get you a feeling of peacefulness and calm. If you want to use aromatherapy to sleep better, look for lavender essential oils (the artificial ones just make your room smell good). A great way to use lavender aromatherapy is to light up a lavender candle and unwind. You could also use a lavender eye mask, after it’s been cooled in the fridge. A third way to use lavender aromatherapy is to spray or dab on a little bit of pure lavender essential oil to your pillow.

3. Handle your heartburn

There are a few ways that you can reduce the discomfort of heartburn. One is to stay away from snacking right before bed. It’s best to eat multiple, smaller meals throughout your day, pass up spicy foods, and don’t lie down after you eat. If you’re following those suggestions but still get heartburn, try chewing on some Rolaids.

4. Do some yoga before bed

Doing some yoga can really assist in coping with your many pregnancy symptoms. The breathing exercises involved in yoga will help oxygen and blood flow effectively throughout your body…(and help open up your chest for your growing belly!) This increase in oxygen can mean less leg cramps and restless feelings for you, which in turns means better sleep. A great bonus to doing yoga is helps you reduce stress through meditation.

5. Create “white noise”

It’s annoying to be tossing and turning, and then become even more aggravated by the random sounds around your home. White noise will improve your sleep better by tuning out sounds all around your house and neighborhood. You can create white noise by turning on a fan, using a white noise smart phone app, or investing in a white noise machine.

6. Get some exercise

Getting enough exercise earlier in the day is a great way to get better sleep, because your body will be tired by the end of the day! It could even be something as simple as a walk around the block. There are many benefits of exercising during pregnancy, and better sleep is one of them!

7. Drink some tea

Tea is great at relieving stress, and there lots of teas that you can safely drink during pregnancy. You might try a “Rooibos” tea, which has been used for centuries in aiding women in pregnancy. Rooibos tea also helps with heartburn and digestion (which will lead to better sleep!) Make sure to check with your doctor about which types of tea are safe for you during pregnancy.

Choosing more than one of these sleeping tips will definitely help you now and even after you give birth. And, all of your pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn should disappear after pregnancy! We hope with these tips you are able to catch some Zzz’s.

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