Active Christian Couple in Texas Will Be Wonderful Parents!

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Adoptive parents for my baby, Geoff and JordanMeet Geoff and Jordan, a happy, active Christian couple in Texas who are excited to become first-time parents through adopting a baby! They’ve taped this cute adoption video to share about their hope of starting their family through adoption.  Keep reading to learn why they’re going to make amazing parents!

Geoff and Jordan would love to adopt a boy or girl of any racial background, and have a connection with you, if you’d like. Their jobs provide them with the flexibility to be home with their future son or daughter. Geoff and Jordan’s close-knit, supportive family, is ready and excited to welcome another child. 

What would Geoff and Jordan be like as my baby’s parents?

Jordan and Geoff on a walk in their neighborhoodGeoff and Jordan are a loving, family-focused couple who wants to share their lives and home as parents. They both have jobs that allow for flexibility in their schedules, as needed. Their faith in God is central in Geoff and Jordan’s lives, and they will share with your child how unconditionally loved they are by God.

Geoff is hardworking and patient, and committed to providing for the family through his work as an Internet Entrepreneur. Jordan is caring and fun-loving, and works as a Church Music Director and singer/songwriter.

their happy homeTheir two-story, three-bedroom Texas home has lots of space for a child to grow and play! There is a nice open feel with a large kitchen for entertaining friends and family. In the front, you can see the nearby lake, and in the backyard, you can see a golf course with a little pond.

Geoff and Jordan share their home with two dogs, Billie and Jasper. Both were rescued from a shelter and love being around people.

The town that Geoff and Jordan live in is a wonderful place to raise children, because they feel safe and there are so many friendly families around. Their favorite things to do locally are going out on the lake, eating at their favorite restaurant, and walking their dogs around the neighborhood.

Geoff and Jordan promise to love your child with all of their hearts and to be the best parents they can be to him or her. “We will do our very best to support, encourage, and provide for your child knowing that they are a gift from God and YOU…We fully support open adoption and would love for our child to know his or her birth family. If you are comfortable, we will gladly share updates, photos, phone calls, and visits, so that you can be a part of your child’s life,”  Geoff and Jordan say. 

Here’s Geoff and Jordan’s short & sweet adoption video!


You can tell that Jordan and Geoff love each other!

What Others Say About Geoff and Jordan

“Geoff and Jordan have been in a strong marriage for over 15 years, and they are very active in church, sports and family. They have both been instrumental in the raising of younger siblings, and for Jordan, nieces. Jordan and Geoff are not only great role models for their siblings, nieces and nephews, but they are great role models for their parents and grandparents too. Jordan is also an exceptional caregiver; she has helped both my mom and myself after severe surgeries. We are excited to see Jordan and Geoff as parents and to welcome a new grandchild into our family with open arms!”  say Lynn and Rex, Jordan’s mom and step-dad.

“One of this couple’s strengths is their deep love, respect, and support they have for one another and God. Their life is a great blend of family time, outdoor activities, church activities and national and world travel. They are both good with children. At our family events, our eight grandchildren gravitate to them. As parents, they will create an excellent home life filled with love, structure, support and lots of fun experiences and adventures,”  share Stan and Kym, Geoff’s parents. 

Geoff and Jordan pose with their friendly dogsAnd Matt and Laura, Geoff’s sister and brother-in-law say, “Geoff and Jordan live life to its fullest and have so much love to give. They are generous, and an amazing aunt and uncle, who we trust completely with our two children.

Geoff and Jordan will make excellent adoptive parents, giving all love, compassion, joy, adventure, faithfulness, loyalty, generosity, and care they have to offer. Jordan has the strongest love for her family; there is nothing she would not do for them. Geoff is calm, generous, and a strong support to his loved ones. They have the biggest hearts and their faith in God is what fuels their passion and drive in life. Jesus comes first in all that they do, and I know that they will raise their children in faith…There is no doubt that they have a solid foundation for raising a family.

Read more about Geoff and Jordan in their full adoption profile!

Geoff and Jordan's full adoption profile

The full-size adoption profile has even more info than
Geoff and Jordan’s adoption website and video profile!

Message Geoff and Jordan on their website to see their
full-color adoption profile.

Call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784 to request that Geoff and Jordan’s profile to be confidentially mailed to you


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