not-giving-upIn the media, birth mothers are often portrayed as women who decide to “give up” their babies for adoption. From talk shows, to movies, and even to casual chats with friends, the term “give up” is often mentioned in connection with adoption. Today, we’re going to explain why adoption doesn’t mean that you’re giving up.

“Giving up” isn’t what a birth mother is doing when she chooses adoption. The fact is that women don’t “give up” when making an adoption plan for their baby.

The truth is that they’re choosing to give their child a life they might not be able to right now. A life complete with two parents and stability they desire for their child. In choosing adoption instead of abortion, these women aren’t’ thinking about what’s easiest for them. They’re thinking about their child’s needs and select adoption out love for their child.

Modern Adoption

Today, adoptions happen much differently than they did decades years ago. Back then, a woman had to hand her baby over to the adoptive family, and never saw or heard from them again. She didn’t know how her child grew up.

Birth mothers today are able to see for themselves how their baby grows up. They keep in touch with the adoptive family and their child through emails, phone calls, pictures, letters, and visits.

Adoption Doesn’t Mean That You’re Giving Up

When women choose adoption, they’re also choosing the life they dream for their baby. From family traditions and well-loved pets to education and values, she’s able to select a family that meets all of the hopes she has for her child. So instead of “giving up” their babies, birth mothers are actually doing the opposite. And remember, no matter how far along you are or if your child has already been born, Lifetime can help.


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