Many women who are thinking about whether adoption is right for them find it’s helpful to journal. They’ve shared that journaling helps them sort through their feelings about adoption. Another way to process your adoption decision is through creative activities, such as drawing or coloring.

Lifetime Adoption has inspirational coloring books available for your use! Creativity through making art is a good way to explore your feelings, resolve negative emotions, and reduce anxiety.

If you’re working with a coordinator at Lifetime already, ask her about these new coloring books to help you get through some of this emotional time.  

If you haven’t reached out to us yet for birth mother support, email us or call to see how we can help you. We’re available anytime: 1-800-923-6784. Or if you’d like, you can chat live with us on our website by using the chat window to the bottom right of your screen.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption