Many women frequently give of themselves for those that they love. One of the ultimate shows of true love is when a woman decides that her child may have a more secure life with another family and places that child for adoption.

Borne from that selfless act came Birthmother’s Day, a day set aside to honor these most special of mothers. Celebrated the Saturday before Mother’s Day, Birthmother’s Day is truly a day of honor and healing.

In 1990, a Seattle-based group of women felt that they deserved to recognize their adoption decision with dignity and resolve. As the world often passes judgment, not understanding the depths of their love, the founders of Birthmother’s Day realized that despite the inner struggle that they may feel because of their decisions, they must never underestimate their sacrifice.

If you are a Birthmother, you already know the emotional rollercoaster that comes with placing your child for adoption. Your feelings can range from the contented feeling of knowing that your child will be provided for as you desired, to the loneliness or doubt in yourself. Birthmother’s Day is a day to cope with these emotions while celebrating you and your sacrifice.

Here are a few ideas to commemorate the day whether it is for a special Birthmother you know or something you can do for yourself.
1. Buy a bouquet of roses or blooming plant.
2. Attend a Birthmother’s Day event in your community.
3. Organize a Birthmother’s Day where you show other Birthmother’s honor.
4. Share with someone special in your life the feelings surrounding adoption.
5. Write a letter, poem, or song dealing with your innermost feelings and the positive things that have come from your connection to adoption.
Take the time to remember these strong women on Birthmother’s Day. The choices they have made have touched many hearts for a lifetime.

A special note to all birthmothers:
“I will make you beautiful forever, a joy to all generations.”-Isaiah 60:15

Do you know how beautiful you are? You’re beautiful in your heart, in your soul, and in every sense of the word.You’re beautiful through your ups and downs, your successes and disappointments, through every stage of your own amazing life journey.

You’re beautiful because of who you are, and what you’ve done, and who you’ll always be.

You’re beautiful to us simply because you’re you.

We celebrate YOU this Birth Mother’s Day. We pray God is blessing your life richly.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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