Do you have questions about the adoption process? Below you’ll find answers to some questions frequently asked about adoption by pregnant women and others considering adoption. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, please contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have.

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Why choose A Lifetime Adoption Facilitation Center?
Our services are extensive to you as a birth parent. We are here seven days a week with staff on call just for you. We have assisted birth families in finding adoptive families for their children since 1986. We care about you and your child. We provide free and ongoing guidance, without judgment. You may want to speak to a licensed counselor to help with your decision and to sort out feelings you may have. We have outside counselors we can refer you to in your area, or you may choose to speak to a counselor over the phone. You may also be eligible for legally allowable expenses to be paid, if needed, while you are pregnant.

We can provide assistance in setting future goals. Regardless of your decision to parent or choose adoption, you’ll receive personal, compassionate attention. We are here for you, to listen, care, and support in a friendly, nurturing way. Lifetime Adoption can also refer you to qualified and sensitive physicians, childbirth educators, and housing and public assistance, all at no charge. We also have maternity clothes available through a separate nonprofit organization.

Are there any costs to me?
There is no cost to you as a birth parent. Adoptive parents pay for legal fees, reasonable pregnancy-related expenses, medical bills not covered by insurance, consulting, and counseling fees.

How are adoptive families screened?
Lifetime screens and pre-qualifies each and every adoptive family that contract with us. A licensed social worker will conduct a thorough home study evaluation and visit the adoptive family’s home. This evaluation includes a background check, medical evaluations, financial screening, and FBI screening. You can be assured that your baby will be raised within a loving and safe family environment. Lifetime doesn’t accept all adoptive parents that apply to our program. You will be able to speak personally to families, so that you can determine who you’d like to adopt and raise your child.

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