birth_parents_discuss_adoption.jpg“I was on the birth control shot and just found out that I’m several months pregnant. I’m in total shock. I always wanted to raise a child, but now is definitely not the right time, and I’m not sure that my relationship with my boyfriend will even last. This is not what I imagined at all when I pictured having a baby someday. I think adoption would be good for us, but I haven’t had any prenatal care yet. Does that matter too much to the adoptive parents? I’m seeing a doctor now, and things look fine. I just don’t feel like this is “my baby,” if that makes sense. Is it too late to give my baby up for adoption?”

Adoption is always an option; it’s never too early or too late do adoption for your baby. Lifetime can help you find a place to get prenatal care at no cost to you. Getting prenatal care will make sure your baby has a healthy start at life.

Since adoption isn’t a choice you make at the spur of the moment, Lifetime is here for you as you think about your decision. We can provide you with help at any time in your pregnancy, no matter if you make the decision in the first few months or at the end of your pregnancy. Lifetime has had many women call us from the hospital in the early stages of labor, saying that they’d like to do adoption for their baby.

Getting in touch with us doesn’t mean you have to give your child up for adoption; but it allows us to answer your questions and get to know more about you and your situation. That way, we can help you create an adoption plan that’s tailored just to you. Any and all info you share with us are kept totally confidential.

You are in control of your adoption choices: you can pick your baby’s adoptive family, the amount of contact post-placement, and how you want things to go at the hospital. And you can talk to adoptive couples before picking one, just days before your due date, if necessary.


Lifetime Adoption assists hundreds of women each year from all backgrounds and situations. We’re just an email, live chat, or phone call away. Contact Lifetime confidentially and with no obligation at 1-800-923-6784.

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