The headlines scream Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant! She’s 16 and famous… and now pregnant. According to reports, she is planning on keeping her baby. What kind of mother is she prepared to be?

Money certainly isn’t a problem, not with her own income and family support.

Depending on her work and school schedule, the time it takes to be a good mom may be a challenge. A nanny might help, but then your baby bonds with someone else. Someone else is there for all the “firsts”.

Family support is so important, especially when facing an unplanned or teenage pregnancy. Statistics show that many teens rely on their family’s promises of help, only to realize that the assistance they were counting on isn’t as much as they thought — or doesn’t last as long as they expected — or simply isn’t there at all.

As for the Spears Clan, big sis Britany is facing her own parenting challenges currently, in spite of plenty of family assistance and paid help. In fact, at this time, it appears as though she isn’t even allowed to drive her own children in her car. Her visitation is reported to be supervised. Seems like the time, money, and family hasn’t provided everything she and her children need.


What does it take to successfully parent a child, especially when you are a teen?

Above time, money, and family support, it takes unselfish devotion. In order to be successful, you have to be prepared to give up your own desires in order to prioritize the basic needs of your child.

It appears through news reports that Britany has not yet done this, and her parenting is being questioned, both legally and in the media.

Is Jamie Lynn ready to do this?

Are you?

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