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Dear Jewelz,
I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant I want an abortion because i don’t want to live this way I’m a baby myself and I wouldn’t want to have to be carry a baby around I hate the fact of a abortion but I think its the best thing I’m not ready for a baby my mom would kill me and be very disappointed in me I’m scared and don’t know what to do my mind in lost I wish I would of used protected sex and wasn’t so dumb can you help please?
-Staci, 16

Dear Staci,
Abortion is the first thought when an unexpected pregnancy happens to teens, but its really not the best option, is what i personally think. If you don’t like the thought of abortion, they don’t do it. I know its gonna suck that you would have to tell your mom about it, but who said lifes easy? I think adoption would be very best for your child. I’m glad you know that your too young to be a mother, alot of girls think they’re ready at this age and they’re just not, so i’m glad you realize that, so if you were to put your baby up for adoption, two very loving parents could take care of your baby, and if you can have an open adoption where you can see the baby as they’re growing up. If you want to know more about the process and such, a great adoption agency would be They’re very helpful! You can also get a book about how adoption works for free…at this website: All you have to do is fill in your email address and the download will come straight to your email inbox. You can also talk to some other girls that have been in this situation before you decide on adoption by calling toll-free 1-800-9-ADOPT-4. Good Luck hun. And try not to be so hard on yourself. Remember, everything happens for a reason!

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