Did you create an adoption plan for your baby or child? Learn how you can further your education through scholarships for birth mothers at www.LifetimeFoundation.org.

The below thank you note just arrived to the Lifetime Foundation from Amanda, who made an adoption plan for her baby last year. She’s now working towards her Bachelor’s degree, which was made possible through an adoption scholarship by the Lifetime Adoption Foundation program!

Amanda thank you2.jpg

Amanda writes, “Thank you ladies for supporting my education. This journey is incredible and I am grateful to have so much support in my life. I hope we can continue to inspire birth moms to reach for their dreams together!”

The Lifetime Adoption Foundation awards scholarships to women who have lovingly chosen adoption for their child using Lifetime and other adoption agencies across the country. Lifetime Adoption Foundation is glad to grant educational scholarships in recognition to birth mothers who have made an adoption plan for their children. After all, it’s you as the birth mother who allows a childless couple the chance to become parents. In choosing adoption, you’ve also created a future, not only for the adoptive couple, but also for your child, for a lifetime. It’s wonderful to be able to see birth moms going to college with our adoption scholarships. 

Would you like to apply for one of Lifetime Adoption Foundation’s adoption scholarships for birth mothers? Just visit www.LifetimeFoundation.org to apply.


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