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One of the best ways to learn about open adoption is to learn from women who have created an adoption plan for a child. On this page, you can hear from women who have their own open adoption stories as Birth Mothers. These open adoption stories are a real-life look at what open adoption is like today.

As your questions come to mind, let a Birth Mother answer in her own words in these Christian adoption story videos by sharing her personal experience through the adoption process and what life is like for her and her child now through open adoption.

Kacey’s Story

In this video, Kacey is sharing her beliefs and experience with open adoption. Continuing to be in her daughter’s life through letters and photographs, they can develop a life-long relationship, which is the blessing of open adoption. Open adoption relieves the adoptee of having to find out about their adoption late in life and it provides transparency and knowledge for everyone involved as the child grows up.

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Four Birth Mother Stories: What Open Adoption Means to Lifetime

Discover Lifetime’s heart for open adoption through the stories of four birth mothers and three adoptive families, all touched by open adoption. In addition, you’ll hear from Lifetime’s founder, Mardie Caldwell, and learn more about the basics of adoption today.

Hannah’s Story

Hannah was juggling life as a busy high schooler – friends, family, track, schoolwork, a boyfriend. Then once she discovered she was pregnant, life slowed down. She considered all her options and did what was best for her and her child. Watch her story unfold as she details her emotions, the decision-making process, and then even the surprises along the way.

Rebecca’s Adoption Story

Rebecca chose open adoption for daughter and here she shares what brought her to adoption, how she chose her baby’s adoptive parents, and what open adoption means to her since the birth of her baby. Here you’ll also learn what Rebecca hopes all women who are thinking about adoption would know from her experience.

Tammy’s Story:

Tammy shares her story of open adoption. As a birth mother, adoption advocate, and peer support for pregnant women considering or choosing adoption, Tammy’s insights and 18 years of experience through her own story inspire, encourage, and shed light on what open adoption can be like today, and gives us a unique insight through her relationship with her now grown son and his view of his own adoption story.

Chloe’s Story:

Adoptive mother Heather and birth mother Chloe share their story in order to help others know what open adoption looks like to them. You’ll appreciate their perspective and insights through the bond they’ve created over the last year. The best way to learn about open adoption, or to better understand the possibilities and benefits open adoption provides each party involved, is from people living with open adoptions.

Hollie’s Story

Since choosing adoption for her baby, Hollie’s life has grown and changed, and she maintains a good relationship with the family she chose. Find out what open adoption is like through this birth mom’s perspective. You’ll appreciate the insights, advice, and encouragement she has for anyone thinking about adoption.

Adrianne’s Story

When Adrianne found out she was pregnant she thought her life was over. She never imagined adoption being an option for her. It wasn’t until her mom placed a packet of information about adoption on her bed that she realized the pros of adoption actually outweighed the cons. Watch as she shares with us how she chose parents for her son, where this relationship is today, and about those who helped her along the way.

A Guy’s View of Adoption

Blaine found out that his girlfriend was pregnant when he was 17. In this clip below, he shares his thoughts on fatherhood, from his point of view as a birth father. After talking with his girlfriend about all of their options, they chose to make an adoption plan for their baby.
Hear about his adoption process and what he was seeking in an adoptive family. He also talks about how men see the responsibility of fatherhood and encourages other young dads to take an active part in learning more about open adoption.

Sarah’s Story:

When Sarah was 24, she found out she was pregnant. She always wanted to be a mom but was overcome by fear when this reality came so unexpectedly. She knew immediately this path was going to be difficult, but wanted to do what was best for her son. Sarah chose to place her son with a loving family through adoption! This journey brought them closer than they ever imagined possible. Watch as Sarah and the family she placed with, share an honest portrayal of not only the struggle, but also the joy and beauty that has come from their open adoption.

Sarah’s Story from BraveLove on Vimeo

Rebecca’s Story Continues: Questions Answered from a Birth Mother’s Point of View

Now having lived with open adoption for a few years, Rebecca comes back to answer questions about her outlook and experience through open adoption. Sharing from her personal adoption story, Rebecca talks about the beautiful friendship with her daughter’s adoptive parents. She shares insights from her personal experience and answers questions from the audience. Rebecca’s heartfelt answers will help you see the potential open adoption offers all involved.

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Adrianne Shares Her Story with Her Son’s Adoptive Mom

This adoption story features two African American families coming together for one precious child. You’ll hear the story of how birth mother Adrianne and adoptive parents Cheryl and Doug grew a relationship through open adoption, how they chose adoption in general and the challenges they faced choosing adoption within their African American communities. During this heartwarming interview, you’ll hear tips from both sides, that apply to anyone considering adoption or who has already been touched by adoption.

Ashley’s Story

Ashley shares about the relationship she’s built with her son’s adoptive mother over the last 9 years.

Lifetime has 24-hour help, free licensed counseling, and the support of other birth mothers available for anyone thinking about or choosing adoption. Call anytime: 1-800-923-6784.


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