I wish you and your family a New Year full of hope and great expectations.

This past year we’ve met challenges and been sustained by God’s goodness and grace. And I believe even greater things are in store for us in 2009. Will you be ready?

Our prayer for this year is for direction and patience as well as guidance to that special child God has chosen just for you. So rather than living in anxiety and fear, join us as we anticipate the incredible opportunities the New Year offers. Believe that this is your time, that you have prayed in faith to receive a child and that God has heard your prayer.

As I think back to the moment I anticipated adopting, I prayed over the room that would one day be my son’s nursery as well as over a tiny outfit purchased just for him. I didn’t know when or how our baby would come, but I held onto faith that God would answer. Moving forward in faith in His promise to bless me, I completed the work necessary to prepare and be ready for that day.

Now it’s your turn. Stand fast, believing God has a dream for you and your family, and walk in hope and expectancy. Stay close to Him and glean wisdom from His Word, for He is our only hope.

Refuse to be discouraged. God has given you a marvelous destiny, part of His great design plan, so be prepared for both the challenges and victories ahead. Do all you can to complete the steps to prepare for your baby’s adoption. It will happen according to His timing.

Lifetime Adoption
Written by Lifetime Adoption

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