Please join us for answers to the most common questions families, like you, ask Lifetime Adoption. The answers will help you decide how to make the next step toward your future adoption.

Find out what other families are asking and discover what you need to know to adopt successfully.

You must REGISTER FIRST and reserve your spot during this FREE Adoption Webinar. When you register you’ll be emailed details to join us LIVE for the adoption answers you need.

Tuesday, August 30th, our webinar will begin at:

5pm Pacific Time

6pm Mountain Time

7pm Central Time

8pm Eastern Time

You may attend by PHONE or ONLINE.

Please REGISTER TODAY and mark your calendar to meet us LIVE. There will even be time during the call to answer any of your OWN adoption questions. Please follow this link to register:


Contact us if you have questions about how you can begin a Lifetime Adoption, or if you need assistance registering for our LIVE webinar:

Call: (530) 432-7373

Chat Live at: LifetimeAdoption.com

We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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