how long is an adoption wait for a twin adoption?Question: My wife and I have just started looking into infant adoption. We’re very excited to adopt and are especially hoping to adopt twins.I understand there are lots of factors to consider, but since we’re so new at this, I’m hoping to get your insight on a general time frame of adopting twins. What’s the average wait time with Lifetime to be matched with a birth mother who’s expecting twins? 

Answer: Adoptions with twins do happen here at Lifetime. However, waiting specifically for only twins may significantly increase your waiting time, or totally limit your chances for success. In any year, we might have just two to three newborn twin adoptions happen in our more than 100 adoptions, on average, per year.

Yes, there are many factors to keep in mind about the average wait time to be chosen by a birth mother for an adoption match. A good first step to take with Lifetime is to apply. By filling out our online application, you’re helping us learn more about you and your adoption search goals. Our application is free and does not obligate you to anything: LifetimeAdoption.com/apply. Once we know your specific adoption goals more clearly, we’re able to tell you if you’d find success partnering with Lifetime in your adoption, and what to expect as far as average waiting, what to expect, etc.

Many of our adoptive families wait from six to 16 months to be chosen for a match. Those families are open to single baby AND twin adoptions. We look forward to learning more about you when you apply!

We totally understand that coming to adoption often means a lot of self-reflection in what matters as you build your family. We encourage families to be open to discussing the hypothetical opportunities that could come up. For instance, imagine if a friend of a niece approached you about adopting her baby. Would you decline the opportunity because she wasn’t expecting twins?

The details of your adoption search will be personal to you, so don’t feel as though you need to defend them, however, do take the time to discuss what really matters, compared to what you feel, at this point, would be ideal or best. Adoption is a unique process, leading two sides together to begin a new story. We never want any adoptive parents to feel as though they were pressured into accepting a particular adoption opportunity, but we also feel strongly that we never want hopeful adoptive parents to miss out on what could be an amazing match for their family! Take time, write your questions, and keep lists of must-haves. Step-by-step, you’ll find the right path, and the right help to get you to your dream!

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