ricardo raquel and bmom.pngIt’s so great to hear from the women we’ve helped as they considered adoption for their children. Recently, we were emailed by a woman who chose adoption for her infant daughter three years ago; she shared this wonderful update and beautiful photos:

“Lifetime Adoption is amazing! I picked an amazing home for my daughter through you guys and I feel beyond blessed and lucky!

A little over 3 years ago I chose adoption for my baby. It was a hard choice. When I looked into adoption, Lifetime sent me profile books on well over 50 couples to look at. The couple I chose was the 4th profile I looked at and every time I came back to them. When you know, you just know.

They made the adoption process as easy as they could. Knowing it would be hard on me giving up such a beautiful and perfect little girl, they still allow me to be in contact. Following the adoption plan I have always wanted. They are more than I could ever imagine for my baby girl! This past January I got to meet my birth daughter for the first time since I gave her up. And I’m so excited to start a tradition to be able to see her once a year.

birth mom b and daughter.png

She means more to me then I can ever explain in words. I’m so thankful and blessed to have such amazing, caring and understanding parents for her. This was the best decision of my life. Thank you, Lifetime Adoption for making this possible for me!” 


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