drug_use_during_pregnancy.jpgQuestion: “I know it’s bad, but I have used drugs during my pregnancy. My doctor sort of scared me and now I’m worried that even adoption isn’t an option for me. Would anyone want to adopt my baby, even though I’ve been using drugs while pregnant?”

Answer: Yes, Lifetime has adoptive families open to adopting a baby who was exposed to prenatal drug use. And, Lifetime’s adoptive families have the support and resources needed to help them parent your baby.

Even though you’ve used drugs while pregnant, Lifetime can find a family that will give your child a loving home. We pre-screen each potential adoptive family and ask them about how comfortable they are with prenatal drug and alcohol use. If you’re honest with us about when and what you used, we’ll match you with a couple who’s open to it.
Sharing the truth will help the adoptive family make the right choices to support your child. It’s best for the adoptive family to learn all the info they can to raise your baby successfully. That’ll mean they need to know your child’s medical history.

Knowing that your baby was exposed to drug use will allow the adoptive parents to be ready for the care of your baby post-delivery since he or she may be born addicted. Letting the hospital staff know as well will prepare them to help your baby shift off the drugs in the hospital.

Besides help with finding an adoptive family, Lifetime can also help you get the support you need during your pregnancy. If you used drugs before you got pregnant, it can be hard to stop. Support is needed, even though know you that stopping is best for your baby. Lifetime can connect you with a licensed therapist. Also, adoptive families in some states can help you out with medical costs.

If you’re considering an adoption plan for your baby, just call Lifetime Adoption and we’ll let you know what’s needed to get started. The adoption process is simpler than you think, and totally confidential. Call Lifetime Adoption at 1-800-923-6784 or send us an email with your adoption questions.

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Written by Lifetime Adoption