Remember Catelynn and Tyler from MTV’s Teen Mom? Since they weren’t ready for the responsibilities of being parents, they chose to make an open adoption plan for their daughter. Because of their story, more people know about the choice of open adoption. And, it seems that they’re still big fans of open adoption even though the episodes are over.

Catelynn and Tyler regularly have in-person visits with their daughter Carly and the adoptive couple they chose to raise Carly. They believe that open adoption is good not just for the adoptive parents or birth parents, but the child as well! Through visits, letters, and photos, an adopted child grows up aware of their birth parents, where they came from, and the love that their birth parents have for them. That way, the child doesn’t have to wonder who their birth parents were and why they were placed for adoption.

November is National Adoption Awareness month, so Catelynn and Tyler have been promoting adoption as a pregnancy choice for teens or women who aren’t ready to become mom just yet. Open adoption is also a choice if you’re already parenting a toddler or older child, but aren’t able to continue.

As Catelynn and Tyler on the show Teen Mom demonstrated, adoption isn’t an easy choice to make. Even all these years later, Catelynn and Tyler still get flack for their choice, and they get emotional about it. Catelynn tweeted this last week:

“But the increasing number of parents opting for open adoption gives everyone in the equation something good. The birth parents retain a connection with their little one. The little one gets to know about their biological ties and is showered with love from multiple sets of parents. And the adoptive parents have a child who is surrounded by that love.”

It’s so cool that Catelynn and Tyler are brave enough to share their adoption story. What do you think about the choice of open adoption? Leave us your comments below!

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