Some people wonder “how could a woman ever give away her baby?!” The truth is, adoption isn’t giving up, it’s giving your baby a better life than you can provide right now. Check out this video about the common reasons why women choose adoption:

Why Do Women Choose Adoption?
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why choose adoption.jpgHere’s one girl’s story: “I chose adoption when I got pregnant as a sophomore in high school. I realized, and so did my baby’s father, that we just weren’t mature enough or ready to be parents. We made an open adoption plan and chose the parents for our son. He’s now a happy six-year-old boy, and we get updates on him through Facebook and visit once a year.”

There are tons of reasons why women choose adoption, such as no support from the baby’s father, a jail sentence, college or career plans, involvement with CPS, rape, or the wish for a stable two parent family for her child.

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Mardie Caldwell Certified Open Adoption Practitioner
Written by Mardie Caldwell Certified Open Adoption Practitioner

Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., is nationally recognized as an expert on open adoption. A Certified Open Adoption Practitioner (C.O.A.P.), Caldwell is the founder of Lifetime Adoption Center, established in 1986. She has assisted in over 2,000 successful adoptions and was one of the first adoption professionals on the Internet.

Caldwell’s life work is dedicated to educating and helping birth parents find the right adoptive parents for their child. She spreads the word about modern adoption through speaking appearances, webinars, online resources, and as a podcast show host.

She has written several award-winning books, including So I Was Thinking About Adoption, the first book of its kind. There are many reasons women choose adoption, and this short book is a comprehensive resource to make the best plan for you and your baby. Caldwell wrote So I Was Thinking About Adoption as a handy guide to the details of the adoption process.

Caldwell has made over 150 media appearances, including ABC News, CBS News, Larry King Live, CNN Headline News, NBC’s The Today Show, CNN’s The Campbell Brown Show, NBC News, KGO Newstalk Radio, CNN’s Black in America II, MSNBC, Fox, PBS, BBC, and Dr. Laura.

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