how do I know the adoptive couple are good people?Question: “I’m 32 weeks along, and I just started looking at the adoptive families on your site. I like what they say about their parenting plans, and they all look friendly. But, how do I know the adoptive couple I pick are good people? How do I know that my baby will be going into a good home?”

Answer: Every adoptive family who’s with Lifetime Adoption has to go through in-depth screening and background checks. They’re required to have a social worker visit their home, who checks it out to make sure it’s a safe place to raise a child. This social worker also interviews the hopeful adoptive couple to make sure they’re fit to be parents.

This is how we know that each adoptive couple is stable, financially secure and in a solid marriage. They’ve not only passed criminal background checks, but also have proven their income through tax records and payroll stubs, and have been deemed healthy by doctor physicals.

Lifetime makes sure that each adoptive couple in our program in pre-screened, so that you can rest assured that your baby is going into a safe and loving home. The adoptive couples you see on our site are screened, questioned, and then approved to adopt. They also receive adoption education and understand your need for future communication in an open adoption.


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