inside scoop modern adoption.jpgModern adoption is different from how adoption was done decades ago. With an open, modern adoption, you’re in the driver’s seat. You have the power to pick your baby’s adoptive parents, how much contact you’d like to have with them in the future, and how things go in the hospital. Many people out there say “open adoption” when they’re talking about modern adoption

Today, Lifetime is giving you the inside scoop on what modern adoption is like! We’re sharing what a few women who made a modern adoption plan have to say about it! We’ve removed everyone’s names, for privacy reasons.

“I like that with open adoption, I can still know how my baby is doing, and be able to get updates on him.”

“My daughter knows that I’m her birth mother. We have visits once a year, and her adoptive parents post photos and videos to Facebook all the time so I can see her grow up! Once she gets older and starts asking questions about her birth mom and why I chose adoption, her parents will have that info to share with her.”

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“Making a modern adoption plan for my three-year-old son sure wasn’t easy. I knew I couldn’t give him the life I wanted to, though.  :(  What helped was being able to hand-pick his adoptive parents, and know that I could stay in touch with him. I wanted him to be with an outgoing and energetic couple who could keep up with him! Being able to afford a college education for him was a must, and I also wanted a couple who loved the outdoors and animals. Even though this was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, I feel peace knowing he’s with the perfect couple (a couple that I was able to choose for him!” 

“I took a long time deciding who I wanted for adoptive parents for my baby girl. This was a decision I wanted to be picky about after all! At eight months along, I picked a couple who shared my religion and values. It’s important to me that my daughter be brought up with morals and values, so I was so glad to find them!”

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