Alexa was adopted 18 years agoIf you’re thinking about adoption, you might be curious about what it’s like to be adopted.

Lots of women have told Lifetime things like, “I’m scared that if I adopt out my baby, they’ll grow up hating me!”

Today, we’re sharing a quick video with you, from Alexa, a woman who was adopted 18 years ago through Lifetime. She wanted to share her adoption story because she is grateful to her birth mother for choosing adoption.

In the video, Alexa gives answers to lots of the questions you might have right now, such as:

  • Will my child know why I chose adoption?
  • Will they hate me because I adopted them out?
  • What is it like to grow up knowing that you were adopted?
  • What will my child want to know about me?

Watch as Alexa shares her story as an adoptee. She tells us what her relationship with her birth mother is like, how her adoptive parents let her know she was adopted, and how much adoption has blessed her life. Let Lifetime know what you think about Alexa’s adoption story by leaving us a comment! 

Just click on the image below to watch Alexa’s video, or follow this link: https://vimeo.com/226472722/0bfdadc303

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