Adoption Services in Wisconsin

Whether you live in one of Wisconsin’s metro areas or in the rural countryside, Lifetime Adoption can help you. We have compassionate professionals waiting to talk to you any time during the night or day. You can call us or chat with a live agent. Our staff can answer whatever questions you have about adoption in Wisconsin. Whether you’re a birth mother or someone considering adopting a child in Wisconsin, we will give you the information you need to get your adoption started right.

Your Adoption Plan

Adoption Services in Wisconsin help for pregnant womenAn adoption plan is an outline of what you want and can expect from an adoption. Whether you already know you want to go through adoption or are still considering it, having a plan is an excellent way to organize your thoughts and emotions.
Your plan for adoption in Wisconsin should start with the type of parent you want for your child. As the birth mother, it is completely up to you to decide. We contract with adoptive parents throughout Wisconsin and beyond. Deciding what traits are important can help you find the right pair to adopt your child.
You do not have to make a decision about adoptive parents right away. Once you look through their profiles, you can talk with them through email, phone calls or meet them in person. Think of it as an interview process. You are hiring people for the most important job of their lives: the job of being a parent.
While choosing adoptive parents, you must also decide what kind of relationship you want with them and the baby in the future. Some birth moms in Wisconsin believe it is best for the child to have no further contact. Others want to be able to visit with their child a few times each year. It is entirely up to you.

When the Baby is Born

Adoption Services in Wisconsin adoptive CoupleThe birth of the baby may be bittersweet. Even when you know you are making the best decision for the child, you may have mixed emotions during and after delivery. Think about this before you go into labor. Will you want to detach yourself from the child as quickly as possible? Do you want the adoptive parents to experience the delivery with you? Would you rather have some time alone with the baby, or even sign his or her first birth certificate. All of these options are yours to decide.

Adopting Babies and Older Children in Wisconsin

Baby Adoption Services in WisconsinAs a couple living in Wisconsin, you may have found that you are unable to have children of your own. You might have decided not to have biological children when there are babies and older children that desperately need loving homes. It’s possible that you already have children and want a bigger family. You may even be a single woman hoping to become a mom for the first time. Whatever your situation is, we want to help you with adopting a baby in Wisconsin. Call Lifetime Adoption today to get your adoption started. You could become a parent before you ever dreamed possible.

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