What size is your staff at the Lifetime Center?

Lifetime staff member Tiffany Bayless gets to hold the new baby and pose for a photo with a happy new adoptive couple in Florida
We are unique in that we have a larger professional support staff than most adoption professionals. We currently have a team of 42 staff members. We also have outside licensed counselors and social workers to counsel birth families and adoptive parents as needed, who are dedicated to healthy and safe adoptions. Our entire staff is cross-trained to take the hundreds of calls and inquiries by email we receive each week.

We feel we have been blessed with a wonderful success rate because of Lifetime’s high ethics, our thorough screening process for all clients, and the dedicated staff who strive to provide excellent service to our clients. You will be working with a compassionate team and owners that are dedicated to healthy adoptions for all our children.

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“Hi Renatta, I cannot believe next week will be the start of October! Time seems to be flying by. Thank you for your message yesterday. It came at such a great time, as I really needed the reminder about what an amazing gift hope can be! I have found myself feeling a little anxious lately. I believe that with almost all of our checklist items complete, I have “extra” time to really think and reflect on our journey so far and also the road ahead. I do not think this is a bad thing. The whole process has been so positive and joyous for us, especially due to the kind and amazing staff at Lifetime! We have been surrounded by love and support and thinking about that fills me with hope and excitement about what is to come. I find the webinars really help! When I do feel a little anxious, it is nice to be able to log on and watch a past webinar or even read an article that is posted on Lifetime’s Facebook page. The information is great and I believe the more you know, the better prepared you will be!“

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