Did you know that National Birth Mother’s Day is celebrated each year, on the day before Mother’s Day?  This holiday isn’t well known or heard about in the news, but it’s a very important day for those who have been touched by adoption. Tomorrow is National Birth Mother’s Day, and Lifetime would like to recognize and honor birth mothers everywhere. We’re praying for special blessings for you on this and every day!

The birth mother’s holiday was created in 1990 when a group of birth mothers got together and set aside a special day. They wished to educate other birth moms, to remember, and to provide coping tips to other birth moms. At Lifetime, we recognize our birth mothers on this day; they are special to us. After all, for many women, there wouldn’t be a Mother’s Day without a Birth Mother’s Day! 

If you find Mother’s Day to be a painful holiday, maybe you could spend Birth Mother’s Day doing some journaling or self-reflection. Remember why you made the choice of adoption, and the great life you’ve provided for your child. Not only that, your decision created happy parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunt, uncles, and cousins. It may be hard to remember all this positive stuff. But understand that there’s an entire family loves what you’ve done for them.

At Lifetime we know what you’ve gone through, and that you might not feel like celebrating National Birth Mother’s Day. 

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