Finding Out Who Your True Friends Are

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Birth Parent Blog

sa girl being gossiped about by others in the distance, stick with friends that support youThere is nothing like hitting a rough patch in life to find out who your true friends are! That BFF you thought would be there forever has “de-friended” you and won’t return your texts! The group you had lunch with, suddenly makes it clear that you are not welcome to sit with them. Your study partner chooses someone else.

It sucks to be disrespected! It hurts to have people turn on you! What you will find is that it is better to get rid of the bad ones now. Find out who your real friends are! Stick with those people that love you no matter what. They need to understand that you will make mistakes; so will they! A true friend will forgive and move on. They won’t bring up the past all the time and they won’t rub bad decisions in your face.

Tia was popular at her high school. She was on the cheer team and everyone wanted to “be her”. Tia had big swim parties at her house every weekend. Her Mom brought out great food. They played pool and ping pong in the guest house. It was key to be on the invite list!

One day, word got around that Tia’s dad had been having an affair with one of her teachers. He left and they had to sell their house. The big house was gone. The pool was gone and so were all the “toys”. Tia and her Mom rented a small condo near the airport.

Friends that she had always counted on suddenly vanished. Her cheer team started acting awkward around her. Sleepover invites stopped.

There were only two girls that continued to call and be there for Tia. She learned that when things are good, friends are easy to come by. Those friends are worthless! They just want to see what they can get from you. It is the ones that step up when life gets hard that you need to hang on to.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you most likely have had friends treat you different. They act as if pregnancy is a disease they can catch, by being around you! Maybe you shared the secret with someone and they betrayed your confidence.

Having a baby as a teenager is hard enough. The last thing you need is judgment and disloyalty. Stick with those friends that support you and don’t judge you. Make sure they are going to respect your choices no matter what.

If you decide to raise the baby, they will be there. If you choose to find a family to adopt your baby, they will be there. You want to surround yourself with friends that will lift you up, not tear you down! There is a great quote by Samuel Johnston that says, “True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice.”

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