I am 16 years old got pregnant at 15 im only 6 weeks pregnant my boyfriend is 17 and we don’ t know how to tell my mombi am pregnant we want to keep the baby and wantbto stay together but knowing my mom she might make us brake up cause she didn’ t aprove of our relationship at first please give some advice on how to tell her without her brakings us up


It’s always very difficult to tell your parent’s your pregnant at a young age. Remember to be strong, it won’t be easy and she may be upset but remember that she will still love you. Talk to your bf and see if he wants to be there with you or if you want to do it alone. Find a time when your mom isn’t busy and she can listen to you with all attention. Try to not argue with her, try to put yourself in her shoes on how she may be feeling. It will be hard for her to grasp at first so give her some time to take it in. I would suggest getting some tips and more advice from www.howdoitellmyparentsimpregnant.com

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