Many Christian families, seeing the need to step forward in faith and raise a child not of their bodies, are choosing to learn more about the miracle of families created through adoption.

My new book, Called to Adoption, is an excellent resource to help you learn more about the miracle of adoption. Hear what others have had to say about the book:

“Thank you for an inspiring and helpful book. I particularly appreciated the scripture references and spiritual insights, as they encourage me to look back and thank God for His leading in our adoption process. Called to Adoption will help anyone get started on the road to adoption.”
~ Steve Oas, adoptive dad of two

“Called to Adoption is a must read for any Christian considering adoption to build their family. Mardie Caldwell and Heather Featherston have done an excellent job of outlining the major topics in adoption that must be prayerfully considered before beginning on a successful adoption journey. I only wish this book had been available to read at the beginning of our adoption journey!”
~ Tricia Davids, adoptive mother

“Called to Adoption is a must read for everyone considering adoption. It’s a clear, concise, easy to read step-by-step guide for everything from deciding to adopt, different ways to go about it, and how to handle situations after the adoption. Interspersed throughout the book are frequently asked questions and biblical references that will help Christians take comfort in the fact that God is in control of your adoption.”
~ Elizabeth Lowe, adoptive parent

“Knowing the quality service and tender wisdom that both Mardie and Heather bring to their work, I believe strongly that this book will arm families with the information they need to be successful in adoption. Their dedication and passion for adoption is evident in everything they do, and that clearly translates in this book.”
~ Francine D. Ward, Business & Intellectual Property Attorney

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