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When you’ve just decided that adoption is how you’re going to grow your family, it can be difficult to know where to start. What do you need help with to get started? Is anything standing in your way of realizing your dreams of adopting a baby? Maybe deep down, you answered:  

“I don’t know how to get started with the adoption process.”  
“We need to figure out how we’re going to afford adoption.”  
“My wife is ready to adopt and getting excited, but I’m not sure about it.”
“We’re still trying to conceive.”  
“We’re so ready to adopt, but we need to find the right adoption professional.”

Maybe you can identify with one of these thoughts, or have a totally different one in mind. Lifetime’s Article Bank is an excellent spot to get started on your adoption research! We want to provide you with practical, easy-to-use information as you as you begin your adoption journey. That way, your questions about the process won’t hold you back. Reading these useful articles can help you decide what your next step in the Christian adoption process will be!  

If adoption has been on your mind (and heart), then you’ll want to check out the below articles to get answers to the basic questions you’ll ask as someone who hopes to adopt.  

Our adoption articles are a free resource, and a wonderful place to learn the fundamentals if you’re new to adoption. They can also help those already familiar with adoption to expand their understanding! We hope that the articles on adoption below will inspire, guide, and bring success as you pursue your adoption journey. 

step by step Christian adoption guideStep-by-Step Advice on How to Build a Successful Adoption Plan Whatever adoption you decide to pursue, be sure that you have done your homework. You will find you have fewer surprises when you know what to expect: the risks in some adoptions, time frames, and the cost variance in each adoption.  



 Christian adoption recommended articlesRecommended Reading Books about adoption which Lifetime’s adoption experts recommends you read to educate yourself on all facets of domestic infant adoption.    



adoption professionalInterviewing an Adoption Professional With planning, patience and the determination to follow through on your information, you should feel confident in the adoption professional you finally decide on.    



avoid birth mother scamsBirth Mother Scams In the thousands of adoptions Lifetime has completed, when adoptive parents are formally matched with a birth parent, the success rate has been about 95 percent. That makes Internet adoption as safe as any other method. In this article, you can learn about four types of birth mother scammers.


adoption thanksWhat Other Adoptive Families Have Said We were completely pleased with Lifetime’s services. The staff was so helpful & accommodating – especially since we are stationed overseas with the military. – Seth & Zoe  



adoption questionsBlunt Questions the Professionals Ask Eight questions that you can ask if you believe that a party unknown to you may really have a baby to adopt.      



choosing adoption journeyDon’t Be Paranoid in Your Adoption Journey Most adoption professionals are ethical, so it’s good to be cautious but not paranoid.      



online adoption expertsHow to Check out an Online Adoption Professional This article includes nine helpful tips that you can follow to check out the reputation of an online adoption professional.        



birth mother red flagsBirth Mother Red Flags This article contains some red flags to watch out for when speaking to a birth mother. They don’t always mean fraud, so use your intuition and judgment, but they may help you to know when a scammer is on the line and you should just say, “No thank you.”    


adoption faithThe Adoption Process is a True Walk of Faith You can take comfort with each passing day, understanding that time brings you closer to the realization of your dream to be an adoptive parent.      



adoption fundingFunding Your Adoption Creative resources for adoptive parents to make your adoption more affordable.        



adoption home studiesWhat is an Adoption Home Study? The adoption home study is really a “people study.” It is a combination of a written and oral description of your family and your lifestyle and inspection of where you will raise your child.    



infertility etiquetteInfertility Etiquette Reprinted with permission by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.          




open adoptionOpen Adoption: Strangers Who Trust In Each Other for the Sake of a Child Patricia Dischler is the author of Because I Loved You: A Birth Mother’s View of Open Adoption.  



The adoption of an older child can have its own blessings and its own challengesConsidering the Adoption of an Older Child? Adopting an older child can have its own blessings and its own challenges because every older child comes with a past. Learn important tips and steps to an older child adoption.  


reduce the risk of an adoption reclaimAdoption Loss: How Can I Reduce the Risk of a Reclaim? A reclaim is unlikely to happen if the birth mother has emotional support from her family, the adoptive parents, and an adoption professional or counselor.    




Adopting a child when birth parent has bipolar disorderShould You Adopt a Child When the Birth Parents Have Bipolar Disorder? If you are considering adopting a child that has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, or may have a possibility of developing bipolar disorder, it is important that you learn as much as you can about the illness.             


adopting older children and sibling group adoptionNow That You Have Adopted an Older Child, Including Sibling Groups Older children will naturally have some additional needs and concerns. They will need a period of adjustment while learning about living in your home. Patience and education on your part as a parent is the key to your success and your child’s overall experience.  


re-adoption or re-placement of adopted childrenRe-Adoptions or Re-placement of Adopted Children Sadly, I have seen a number of international re-adoptions, where adoptive parents have found the child they adopted internationally was not what they had in mind and for one reason or another, look at placing the child into another adoptive home. This is sad for everyone involved. The child is now facing another uprooting and detachment. The adoptive parents feel they have failed. The birth family, if involved, feels betrayed.


remembering birth mothersRemember Where it all Began… Read a wonderful article written by Mardie Caldwell, COAP, in honor of National Birth Mother’s Day.        



open adoption blessingsConsider the Blessings of an Open Adoption Adoptive Mother, Laura Savel, shares her experience with open adoption.      




travel by air to Lifetime AdoptionTraveling by Air to Visit Your Lifetime Adoption Team We encourage prospective adoptive and birth families to come and meet our staff personally whenever possible.      



adoption wait ideasHurry Up and Wait… Encouragement and ideas for families currently playing “The Adoption Waiting Game”




Parents who finalized an adoption last year may claim a tax creditTax Law Changes Encourage Adoptions Parents who finalize an adoption may claim a credit for adoption expenses on their federal income tax returns.    


birth mom thanksA Basket of Thanks Gift ideas for your birth mother        




how adoption became my life work, adoption expert Mardie CaldwellHow Adoption Became My Life’s Work By Mardie Caldwell, Founder of Lifetime Adoption    




keys to adoption successKeys to Adoption Success Read the 7 easy tips that can benefit you during your adoption journey.  




adoption is sharing for more than one familyAdoption is Sharing for More Than One Family An adoptive mother, Tammy, shares her story of moving from the heartache of multiple pregnancy losses to the complete joy that adoption brings.        



financing your adoptionFinancing Your Adoption Resources for adoptive parents for a successful and affordable adoption              




tips on listening to birth parents5 Tips on Listening to Birth Parents Help for that first conversation                 




Legacy of an adopted childLegacy of an Adopted Child A poem celebrating both birth mother and adoptive mother in the life of an adopted child.                   




adoption answerThe Answer A beautiful poem which helps adopted children with questions.        




adoption webinar information webinars for prospective adoptive parentsFree Informational Webinar for Prospective Adoptive Families We’re excited to bring you exclusive information on Lifetime’s adoption program in a new Webinar format, which means you can easily attend ONLINE for free, right from your home or office.           



birth mother crisis helpA Birth Mother in Crisis Lilly was parenting her two-year-old little girl, and it broke her heart to choose adoption. She shares, “I want her to have a backyard to play in, to have a daddy who is there and loves her. She needs to know that life is about something. I just want her to have love, a normal childhood and a happy life.”  



adoption expert Mardie CaldwellCalifornia Adoption Facilitator Brings Joy To Local Family by Luke Stronach, Staff Writer The Montgomery Independent, November 19, 1998        



adoption planningHow Important is Adoption Planning? How Honesty with Your Adoption Professional Can Equal Adoption SuccessAre you ready to adopt? Before you speak to an adoption professional, be prepared to share your deepest wishes for your family and for the child you are seeking.  


proud lifetime familyWe Are Proud to Be a Lifetime Adoption Family! Dear Everyone at Lifetime, I apologize it has taken me so long to write, but, as you know, life has been joyously busy for us the past few months! I have been looking so forward to writing this letter, but I wanted to be able to do it justice, so I waited until I had a free day to sit down and take my time writing. This note is shamefully late but not lacking in sincerity. 

baby adoptionWe Will Always Be Grateful to Lifetime Adoption! Lifetime adoptive mother Sarah writes “We are so grateful for Lifetime Adoption. You made our journey more bearable. You lifted my spirits more than you probably know and it helped knowing you truly could relate!”      


adoption a second timeA Lifetime Adoptive Family’s Journey – Twice Sarah writes back years later, after their second Lifetime adoption, “It is with great love, pride and happiness that I share with you, first-hand, our family’s adoption journeys. God began paving roads that led us to starting and growing our family through Lifetime Adoption way before we could’ve ever imagined!”  


adoption for a lifetimeA Lifetime Adoption Story – Adopting a Second Time Hi, my name is Lori and I am the proud mom of two beautiful, healthy, fun-loving boys. For my husband and I, the fertility journey was a roller coaster ride, but in comparison, adopting through Lifetime Adoption was a breeze! We really knew that our goal was to become parents and being pregnant no longer played an important role…  


lifetime adoption storyA Lifetime Adoptive Story Lifetime adoptive mother Dee Dee says, “I wish I had found Lifetime Adoption sooner. It took a great deal of grieving and letting go of the fact we could never have our own biological children. We decided it did not matter if they were miniature creations of ‘us’ because it is the way they are raised and the values that are instilled that make a person a parent.”    


Other Websites

African American adoption for a lifetimeAfrican American Adoptions Information and programs for families interested in adopting an African American or bi-racial baby.        




  adoption Mardie Caldwell has just released her new book! offers practical, easy-to-follow guidelines for anyone interested in adopting a child.        


  Christian adoptionChristian Adoption Online This site exists to provide Christian families with resources to assist them in finding the help they need to build a healthy Christian home for a lifetime.    





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