Q: “I’ve been researching adoption help and want to know what kinds of adoptive parents have the best success in your program. Who is Lifetime a good fit for?”

A: This is an awesome question because it’s important that hopeful adoptive parents not only find the services they need to adopt successfully, but that they find a program of services that will best fit their adoption goals, needs, and dream. Choosing the right adoption professional for your personal adoption needs will give you confidence that the steps you’re taking with them will result in the adoption you’re hoping for.

Lifetime reviews each adoptive parent applicant as a whole; we consider many things, with a priority focusing on what the birth mothers we hear from are seeking in adoptive families. Our goal and sincerest desire is to create positive, life-long connections between adoptive parents and birth mothers for the sake of a child and the future goals of everyone involved. We want to see an adoptive family realize their dream, and we want to provide birth parents with the choice of a loving adoptive family who meets their dream for their child.

So what kind of adoptive parents are a good fit with Lifetime’s adoption program?

Here’s a list of common traits of a successful Lifetime family:

  • A desire to adopt a newborn or toddler from the US
  • Ability to complete the necessary steps to adopt legally across state lines
  • Currently raising zero to 3 children
  • Maintain traditional values, stable lives, and an ability to financially and reliably support a child
  • Honest about the type of adoption opportunity they would accept
  • Are trustworthy and sincere in their desire to accept a child into their lives through adoption
  • Will explore the possibilities of open adoption to better understand the benefits for all parties involved
  • Desire to be honest about a child’s adoption story as they grow up
  • Would consider an open adoption with their future child’s birth mother
  • Willingness to get to know the child’s birth mother prior to the adoption
  • Interest in creating a safe, on-going connection with the child’s birth mother and will honor a commitment to continue that connection after the adoption
  • Open to sharing written and photo updates of the child with the birth mother throughout the child’s life
  • Readiness to stay prepared and available for an adoption opportunity at any time

Every Lifetime adoption is as unique as the individuals involved however there are things each success story share in common. Click here to learn about healthy open adoption in modern-day adoption.

We’d love to help you better understand Lifetime’s program and help you discover whether we’d be a mutual fit for your future adoption story. We’d love to help you discover the possibilities of a Lifetime Adoption! Please call us if you have any questions or for action steps to get started in your adoption journey: (530) 271-1740.

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