We already have children, can we still adopt with Lifetime?

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Yes. We have found that birth parents prefer families with less than three children, either biological or adopted, and these are the families that do best in our program. The choice of the adoptive family is made by the birth parents in the majority of our adoptions.

We strongly encourage all families, especially those with many or young children, to pay very close attention to their coordinator’s suggestions in regards to their profiles. We have worked very closely with birth mothers since 1986, especially in finding out from them what they want to see in profiles of families. This is one of the reasons that our families are more successful than those who go through other adoption professionals. Be open to changes in your profile, especially as they relate to the children in your family.

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“Hi Libby! I hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how important your webinars are to my entire family. I try to always attend your webinars live but I also love listening to the recordings and the archived webinars. I could talk for hours about the invaluable information I have learned from listening to your webinars. I will touch on a few ways of how your webinars are positively impacting our family’s lives. I truly believe that all of this knowledge will pave the way for our adoption dreams to be as successful as possible. What I value most, besides God, is my family and my relationships. All of your webinars offer some sort of tip to better and nurture those relationships. Whether it’s with my husband, children, self-care, future Birth Family or my future child that will join our family through the gift of Adoption. This is important stuff! You are providing the tools that can set the foundation to potentially develop deep and meaningful relationships with Birth Families that could last a lifetime. This is undoubtedly what’s best for the child! Your webinars also offer fabulous ideas on how to “wait well”. We have the upmost faith in God that his plan and his timing is way better than our plan and our timing. Whenever I start to feel a little inpatient wondering when our adoption dreams will come to fruition, I simply watch a webinar. This always gives me something to DO. I like to be an active participant during the wait. The Birth Stories fill me with such hope and renewed excitement! I always jot down a few notes from the webinar and that list gives me something to DO. Whether it’s packing our bags, arranging the nursery, updating our profile, running through “drop in the lap” scenarios, shipping a small donation to the Lifetime Foundation, gathering all our important documents/paperwork, a new book to read, etc…. your webinars always leave me with a task that I can physically do to prepare us while we wait. Being as prepared as possible gives our family a sense of peace. Which, of course I learned through listening to webinars! I look forward to your webinars every month! Your webinars and our monthly check in with Natalie have been instrumental in our family viewing “the wait” as a positive, happy and exciting time during our family’s lives. Your webinars have also allowed me to become a confident advocate for open adoption as I educate my friends and family about what modern adoption means. I am very grateful for you and the amazing team of dedicated staff at Lifetime. You all make us feel so supported during this journey. Thank you!”

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