waiting room pregnant.jpgMany women have wondered if they can still choose adoption for their baby, even if they haven’t seen a doctor yet. The answer is YES! No prenatal care doesn’t change your ability to choose adoption. Read on for more details about doing an adoption plan before you’ve had prenatal care…

Lifetime Adoption has tons of hopeful adoptive families open to adopting a baby, even if the birth mother didn’t get any prenatal care. We can help you find free, caring prenatal care in your area! And, Lifetime can also assist you in getting your prenatal care and insurance coverage set up.  We’ll explore the options out there so that you can get on track with a doctor. That way, you’ll have pregnancy records to start your baby’s medical history.

If you’re anxious about how you’ll afford healthcare, know that the adoptive family you pick can help pay for your medical bills. If you get on state or private medical insurance, the adoptive parents may be able to pay any portions unpaid by insurance, such as co-payments.

Try and keep all of your doctor’s appointments, so that you can get the care you need during your pregnancy. Prenatal care is important for you and your baby’s health. If you have issues with getting to your doctor’s office, let Lifetime know. The adoptive family you chose may be able to help out, such as paying for a bus pass. And if you’re on Medi-Cal or Medi-caid, they will sometimes pay for transportation to your doctor’s office. 

If you’re worried about seeing a doctor because you’ve been using drugs or alcohol during your pregnancy, talk with Lifetime about it. There are adoptive families open to adopting babies exposed to substance use, and doctors who would be compassionate and helpful so that you and your baby can have a healthy and safe labor and delivery.


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