Is Adoption Right For Me?

Some of My Friends Say I Should Keep My Baby…

That Children Belong With Their Birth Parents, What Should I Do?

Young woman sitting in a restaurant looking at her smartphone considering if adoption is right for her
Do you find yourself thinking, “Is adoption right for me?” At Lifetime, we can guide, support, and counsel, but ultimately the decision must be yours alone. Consider honestly where you are in your life now and if you are ready for parenting at this time.

Choosing adoption doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it simply means you know you are not at a time and place in your life to parent a child.

It’s easy for friends to make comments when they have not been in your position. The only person that can make this decision is you. You’ll need to honestly think about parenting and adoption before your baby is born.

Lifetime is here to help you without judgement. We have a number of other previous birth mothers you can speak to if you would like to find out how they handled their pregnancy and adoption. Just ask us about your unplanned pregnancy options.

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