How Much Does Adoption Cost for Birth Parents?

“How much does adoption cost?” This is a question we are asked a lot. The answer is that it’s completely free to choose adoption! There are no adoption fees you need to pay in order to make an adoption plan for your baby.

Women choose adoption for a variety of reasons. Some make an adoption plan because they’re raising kids and simply can’t afford to feed another mouth. Others choose adoption because they’re not ready to become a mom, or they don’t believe in abortion. No matter what your situation is, deciding if adoption is right for you can be emotional.

Here’s a simple explanation of adoption services that you’ll receive for free as a birth mother:


Being able to speak about your feelings with someone is important. It allows you to create a healthy adoption plan. Lifetime offers a few different kinds of adoption counseling.

You’re able to speak with a licensed counselor on the phone. This counselor doesn’t work for Lifetime Adoption. Plus, they’re not trying to convince you to choose adoption. Their role is to help you work through the emotions you might be facing right now.

Lifetime also offers peer counseling. This means that you can speak with a woman who has already made an adoption plan for her baby. She’s been where you are right now, and so she can give you the inside scoop on what adoption is like and what to expect.

Plus, whenever you have a question, concern, emergency, or just need to talk, your Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime is always available by phone. Just call or text 1-800-923-6784 for support and education 24/7.

You’re able to use any of these types of adoption counseling; you can even use all three!

Prenatal Care

Lifetime can help you find and get prenatal care if you haven’t yet. You might find that some of your medical or hospital expenses aren’t covered by your insurance or Medicaid. Those bills could be paid for by the adoptive family you chose (as allowable by law).

Lifetime will help you write your own adoption hospital plan. This plan includes your wishes for when it comes time for you to give birth. Click to learn more about how to create your adoption hospital plan.

adoption costs and benefits

Living Expenses

In most situations, you can get help with living expenses. It depends on what’s allowable by law in your state. Living expenses that you can receive assistance with include your rent, utilities, phone bill, and maternity clothing. If you’d like help understanding which living expenses are qualified for assistance, an adoption attorney can help.

Legal Services

You have the right to speak with a qualified adoption attorney to answer all of your questions. The lawyer will be able to walk you through every step of the legal process of adoption. By speaking to an adoption lawyer, you can be sure of your rights in adoption.


The Lifetime Foundation has granted thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships to birth mothers who are beginning or continuing their education. Learn more and apply for a scholarship at

Get more info about free adoption services for birth mothers by visiting Services for Pregnant Woman or by calling Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784.

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