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We have new prospective birth parents calling our center every day. We are working with both expectant parents as well as those with children who are already born. Visit our page, Birth Parents Currently Seeking Families, where we have posted many of our current birth mothers. Contracted families with profiles have been presented to these birth mothers before they are posted. Many situations are matched and never posted.Our birth mother listing page is available to give you an idea of the different qualities birth mothers are seeking in families, as well as to show that Lifetime is working with new birth mother situations all the time. Bookmark this page, as it is usually updated daily.

Only contracted Lifetime families whose criteria match with the birth mothers’ are presented for these situations to adopt a baby girl or boy. Due to confidentiality, we do not disclose information regarding our birth mothers to non-contracted families or families who do not match what the birth mothers are seeking.

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“We’re extremely grateful for an organization such as Lifetime who values the life of a child and provides families such as ours a chance to fulfill our dream of having a child.”
Abelardo & Marguerite

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