We are signed up with an agency in our state, but have had no luck…

We would like to get as much exposure and help as possible. Can you work with a family that is signed up with another organization?

Lifetime Adoption will work with adoptive families from all over the US
Yes. We work with a number of agencies and attorneys on a regular basis. Their families contract with Lifetime, utilizing all our services. Then, Lifetime works side by side with other adoption professionals on your behalf. You may use your current home study, and your agency or attorney can complete the adoption paperwork.

Families who have been waiting a long time to adopt have found Lifetime to simply offer them more exposure to potential birth mothers due to the number of pregnant women we work with at any given time. Unlike most agencies and attorneys, we have the ability to work nationwide with birth parents.

To see a list of the current birth parent situations we are currently working with, please click here.

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