Will prospective birth parents be calling us?

Prospective birth parents calling me Lifetime modern adoption
At Lifetime we want to protect our adoptive families and birth parents from disappointment by screening both parties. Prospective birth parents contact Lifetime via phone, email, social media, live chat, or by walking into our offices. Once we can verify and confirm the readiness of a birth parent for adoption, your adoption coordinator will contact you directly, to find out if you are interested in speaking to the birth parents. Birth parents will not be given any contact information for you until you have agreed to speak.

Prior to that call, families can be assured that we have spoken with the birth parent a number of times and feel they are dedicated to an adoption plan. If we have concerns, we will certainly share them with you prior to you speaking. Through Lifetime’s screening process, before we ever call an adoptive family, we achieve a certain degree of confidence regarding each situation we are working with and avoid scams.

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