waiting adoptive couple playground.jpgQuestion: My husband and I are two months into our adoption journey with Lifetime, and I’m wondering if it’s normal to go between excitement and panic about most every part of the adoption process?

I worry about things like whether we’ll pass our home study, how long we’ll wait, and if any birth mother will choose us.

Answer: This is totally normal, and simply part of the adoption journey. Remember, you have a dedicated Adoption Coordinator at Lifetime here for you anytime you need to talk throughout the adoption process. Email or call her when you’re uncertain whether your feelings are intuition and should be taken seriously, or are just healthy adoption jitters.

What you’re experiencing is very ordinary in domestic adoption. As one of Lifetime’s successful adoptive parents shares, “I’m a hands-on type of a person, and so I finished our adoption profiles, website, home study, and adoption video within the first few months of contracting. Then the wait to be chosen by a birth mother set in. I had a difficult time; I was terrified we wouldn’t be picked! But what really helped me was that Lifetime was always there when I needed information or encouragement. I’m so thankful for Lifetime Adoption’s assistance, guidance, stories, faith, and wisdom they share with both adoptive families and birth mothers!”

Another Lifetime adoptive mother, Chantel, shares, “We waited for a while for our daughter and God answered our prayers. As we hold her, it gives us peace knowing God’s perfect plan. We should always trust His timing because it’s always perfect! When we were in the thick of our adoption wait, it was so nice to know that Lifetime’s staff was available to help! As we were waiting for our baby girl to be born, Kimberly at Lifetime Adoption was a wonderful go-between with our adoption attorney and the hospital social worker!”

Your adoption wait will be forgotten once you bring home the baby that God meant for you. Enjoy the excitement as you progress on your adoption journey! We’ve compiled some Lifetime articles which will help you become constructive during your adoption wait:

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Listening to Lifetime’s FREE adoption webinars has also helped many adoptive couples in the waiting stage of the adoption process.

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