This question is asked often here at Lifetime Adoption Center and we’d like to share it here:

Question: I am signed up with another adoption agency, but they see very few birth mothers and complete even less adoptions. We are worried we are going to be waiting forever to bring home our baby and we need more help. Can we work with Lifetime?

Answer: Yes, Lifetime can enhance your adoption efforts and success even if you are with another adoption agency or attorney. If you feel you have been waiting too long without productive activity, we can help enhance your success. Families who have been waiting a long time to adopt have found Lifetime to simply offer them more exposure to potential birth mothers due to the number of pregnant women we work with at any given time. We allow your professional to complete the adoption with our help; this will save you time in waiting to become parents. Lifetime works side-by-side with your adoption professional on your behalf. You may use your current home study, and your agency or attorney can complete the adoption paperwork.

The first step with Lifetime is to apply to see if your requirements are reasonable and within the needs requested by our Lifetime birth mothers. We don’t take a fee from you to review your application and it only takes five to ten minutes to apply. Visit LifetimeAdoption.com for more info and to complete our free application today!

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