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Living in the Midwest, you may have some difficulty finding an adoption agency that works with you and for you, helping you to make the right decisions without pressuring you into doing something that isn’t your choice. You will never find that with Lifetime Adoption. Because we were founded by an adoptive mother, we differ from other adoption agencies in Kansas because our primary goal is to ensure the adoption process is a pleasant one for all involved.

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Pregnant, Alone and Scared

Unfortunately, not all pregnant women have a support system at home to help them through what can be a very difficult time. You may find yourself alone, with no family or partner who is able to help you. You might feel scared and not sure where to turn. Talk to the caring professionals at Lifetime Adoption. We work with pregnant women looking for adoption agencies in Kansas and throughout the rest of the country. Whatever your situation is, we will listen and we will help.
The first thing we will tell you when you call is that you do not have to be alone and you certainly don’t have to be scared. There are many hopeful adoptive parents waiting to support and talk to you. Many of these future families want nothing more than to be there with you throughout your pregnancy so they can watch as their child grows.
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Meeting Adoptive Families

Adoptive families are those who are waiting for infant adoption in Kansas. Some of them have already adopted and are hoping to add to their household. Many are first-time parents, eager to fulfill a dream. There are some single parents who want to open their homes to a child. These adoptive families come from all backgrounds, each with a different opportunity to give your child.
You can read about adoptive families right now by visiting our online database. You will see each prospective family, read more about them and get to know their stories. These adoptive parents are in Kansas and other parts of the Midwest. However, you are not limited to location when choosing an adoptive parent. You can pick parents from anywhere in the country as long as they fit your needs.
Lifetime Adoption services in Kansas

Finding Your Forever Family

Adopting in Kansas is made easier when you contract with Lifetime Adoption. We have been working with adoptive families seeking infant adoption in Kansas and throughout the Midwest and beyond for more than three decades. Begin by completing our free online application. This application will get you started without any obligation. You can also call us to learn more about our services, why we focus on open adoption and more.






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