Adoption Services in Idaho

Considering open adoption in Idaho? You probably have a lot of questions and concerns. Talk to Lifetime Adoption to learn more about your options. Lifetime Adoption is an organization that provides services to adoptive parents and expecting mothers nationwide. We will walk you through the process, helping you to learn as much about adoption as possible before you make your final decision. Call us to talk about adoption in Idaho or chat with one of our live reps.
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Taking the First Steps

It can be difficult to put a child up for adoption. Lifetime Adoption has found ways to take what is an emotional experience and turn it into a positive one. First, we will talk with you about your wants and needs. We will answer your questions and explain the process before any decisions are made. Talking to us about adoption in Idaho does not require you to sign a contract or make any agreements. In fact, we urge you to think deeply about adoption after you speak with us to ensure you are making the right decision.
While thinking about adoption in Idaho, we recommend that you look through our database of waiting families. There are a great many couples and singles waiting to become first time parents. They live right here in Idaho and throughout the region. You do not have to solely look for adoptive families in Idaho. We can place your child anywhere in the country.

Open Adoption in Idaho

We specialize in open adoptions, which allow you to continue to be a part of the child’s life. Open adoptions allow you to:

  • Receive photographs of the child
  • Send and receive cards and letters
  • Have a social media relationship with the adoptive family
  • Speak with the adoptive family or child on the telephone
  • Occasionally visit the family

Adoption Services Idaho adoptive coupleBefore the adoption is finalized, you decide how much or how little contact you want with the child. You and the adoptive parents will reach an agreement on the nature of your relationship with the child. The vast majority of adoptive parents in Idaho are open to visits.
Sometimes, birth parents decide the child’s future may be brighter without an open adoption. This is a decision only you can make. If you decide you would rather have a closed adoption, Lifetime Adoption can help with that as well.

Adoption Services Idaho

Adopting Children in Idaho

Prospective parents living in Idaho should call Lifetime Adoption to begin the adoption process. We work with adoptive parents from all walks of life throughout the country. We represent couples and singles from diverse backgrounds. Our only goal is to make sure everyone involved has a brighter, fuller life once the adoption is complete.
We have over 30 years of experience placing children in happy homes in Idaho and throughout the United States. Start your open adoption in Idaho with our online application or give us a call. You already know you want to be a parent. Why wait any longer?






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