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Lifetime Adoption specializes in providing open adoption services for those living in North Carolina. We offer confidential adoption services to birth parents from Charlotte, Raleigh, and throughout the state. No matter where you are located in North Carolina, we can help you during the adoption process.
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Pregnant and Considering Adoption in North Carolina

Finding North Carolina adoption help may be difficult outside of big cities. Luckily, Lifetime Adoption can help you with your NC adoption, no matter where you live in the state. We can also connect you with adoptive families throughout the state and beyond. Look through our database of prospective parents to see their locations and read their stories.

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Questions About Adoption in NC

Lifetime Adoption has spent more than 30 years working with birth mothers just like you. We have experience working with women from all backgrounds and in various situations.  Many are currently pregnant, others are looking to make an adoption plan for a child already born up to about 5 years old.

We know you have questions, and we want to answer them for you.

Some of the most common questions we hear are:

How soon do I have to decide?

The timing is up to you. We encourage you to think long and hard about adoption before making a decision. However, the sooner you decide, the sooner you can connect with the adoptive parents you choose. In some situations, you may want them to be with you throughout your pregnancy. They may even be able to help you financially with any pregnancy-related costs.

Who will adopt my baby?

That is your choice as well. We have a database of waiting families that you can see now. You choose the couple based on whatever things are most important to you. Maybe you are looking for adoptive parents in North Carolina or prefer them to come from out of state. Some women want adoptive families of a certain race or religion. You can even look for parents with certain interests or education. The choice is yours.

How much does it cost?

The birth parents pay nothing to use Lifetime Adoption. All fees are covered by the adoptive parents.

What if I have done drugs or drank while pregnant?

We will support you and help you find an adoptive family for your child regardless of your situation. You will never feel judged by Lifetime Adoption coordinators. We only want what is best for you and your baby.

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Adopting in North Carolina

Families considering adopting a baby in North Carolina will find a welcome home with Lifetime Adoption. We are the nation’s leading provider in open adoptions. Many of our parents return to us to adopt their second and even third adoption! We also receive many referrals from happy families. We hope to offer the same excellent service to you as you expand your own family.

Lifetime Adoption helps with both open and closed adoptions for clients living in North Carolina. Most of our adoptions take place between adoptive couples and newborns. We also work with single mothers considering adopting a child as well as families who seek to adopt older children.

Adoptive families should think about how old a child they would be willing to adopt. Newborn and infant adoptions are by far the most common at Lifetime Adoption — as it is at most adoption agencies in the United States.

It can take time to find a birth mother who makes a good match. Some adoptive families wait several months before meeting the right expectant mom who is also ready to choose them to be the adoptive parents of her baby. At Lifetime, we will work with adoptive parents who are interested in adopting a toddler, a preschool-aged child, or a child up to 5 years old.


Toddlers are between the ages of 1 year old and three years old. As we detail on the adoption process page, “with toddler adoption, you will still experience many firsts and skip all the middle-of-the-night feedings and a lot of diaper changes. You will know the child’s history and have all the medical and developmental information you need. While toddler adoption may have its own challenges, it will also have its own amazing rewards when you see that child grow and thrive with the love you give him.”

Older Children and Sibling Groups

For children in North Carolina who are older than 7, Lifetime will provide you with referrals so that you have the right resources in your particular area. We also recommend contacting social services in North Carolina to learn about older child adoptions. You might also consider temporary guardianships or kinship adoptions for older children. For sibling groups, the ideal situation is to keep the children together.

There are a few things to think about as you begin the process, including the type of adoption you want as prospective adoptive parents. You should begin thinking about other things that you will need to do in order to provide a loving home to a child. As an adoptive home, you will be subject to a home study and a background check.

As your partner and adoption professional, Lifetime Adoption will help you every step of the way. Child-placing agencies and North Carolina adoption agencies each have their own rules, and we honor and respect the laws of the states the adoption is taking place in, as well as our own internal ethical adoption guidelines — both pre-placement and post-placement.

Complete our free, no-obligation application to get the adoption process underway. You can also call us with any questions you may have.

Lifetime Adoption has been helping adoptive families connect with birth mothers in North Carolina since 1986. We look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have about adoption services in North Carolina.


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