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The American Northwest is a beautiful spot, filled with nature and wonder. Whether you live in Portland, the surrounding area or anywhere else in Oregon, you are given the gift of ideal surroundings at all times. Lifetime Adoption works with birth mothers to find families considering adopting a child in Oregon that are as perfect as the gorgeous Oregon landscape.
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Pregnancy Adoption Services in Oregon

Questions About Oregon Adoptions

Are you pregnant and considering adoption? Has your child already been born and now adoption seems like the best option? Perhaps you are a birth father whose partner is no longer in the picture and you are finding it difficult to parent alone. Whatever the case may be, you probably have a lot of questions.

  • How does adoption work?
  • What is an open adoption?
  • When do I meet the adoptive parents?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the other options that I have?

If you have any of these questions or more, call our Oregon adoption agency now or chat online with one of our helpful representatives.
baby Adoption Services in Oregon

Babies Who Can Be Adopted

A primary concern among birth parents is that their baby may not be eligible for adoption. You can rest assured that your child, no matter his or her situation, is greatly wanted by an adoptive family.

Children of all races, religious backgrounds and abilities are eligible for adoption. There are many parents considering adopting a child in Oregon who are not just open to, but prefer diverse families. There are those who truly love working with children who have special needs. Basically, as long as you are legally able to terminate parental rights, your baby can be adopted.

Sometimes, birth mothers don’t realize they are pregnant until after they have engaged in activities that can be harmful to the baby. If this is the case, talk it over with our experts at Lifetime Adoption. We will help you learn how to get the best help and healthcare for the child. We will also help you find families considering adopting a child in Oklahoma who are more than willing to care for your baby.

help with Adoption Services in Oregon

Adoptive Parents in Oregon

Starting a family can be a labor of love. We at Lifetime Adoption know there are many reasons to choose adoption. There are also many agencies to consult. We hope that our desire to unite families with children in the most loving way possible will make the Oregon adoption process as fast and easy as possible.

While you are waiting, look through the stories from some of our birth parents. We do not publicly publish personal information, but we do wish to share their stories. These are real birth mothers and fathers who simply want what is best for their children. Reading their stories may move you to act sooner rather than later.

Begin by completing our free online application. This no-obligation application will hasten the process of starting your family. You can also call or chat with us at any time. We are eager to help your Oregon adoption begin.






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